The Best and Worst Video Game Moments You Had in 2008

Christmas is coming which can only mean one thing…the new year’s coming. Wow, it feels fast that the year 2008 has come and gone and now a new chapter is unfolding for both you and me. Now that the year 2008 is coming to an end, let’s all share our best and worst video game moments we had this year. Here’s mine:

(Not in any particular order)
Best Moments:

This year has been quite hectic for me and I knew I need to find something to help soothe the pain. I tried everything from video games to music to art but I can’t help admitting that I grew tired doing the same thing over and over again. I needed something new. Something fresh. Something…angry! That was when I first discovered something by total accident when I was casually scrolling around one day. And that something had five words in it: The Angry Video Game Nerd. The moment I watched the Virtual Boy review, which was the Nerd’s newest video at the time, it changed my life. I’ve never seen someone so angry before in my life with constant swearing just by playing games that nobody talks about it anymore. I thought that was brilliant. It totally made my day and soon I’ve become a big fan of all James Rolfe’s work from his Nerd’s reviews to his movie reviews. That guy is a total genius and he has inspired me in so many ways. That dude deserves an award.

Before this, I’ve always been a loyal user to GameSpot for a few years but after the big controversy in November of last year, the site has never been the same again and it really broke my heart. Don’t get me wrong, GameSpot is still a powerful website but if you are a long time fan of the site from the early years like I am, you might be disappointed with the changes it has made which didn’t turn out great at all like the rating system. That was the last straw. It was time to find another website and that was when GameTrailers came along. Before GameSpot, I’ve never touched GT before so browsing in for the first time it’s like a breath of fresh air. The updates are good, the contents are cool and the video reviews are awesome. Very professionally done and straight forward. I like it. Does anyone know who’s the voice behind most of the GT reviews, retrospectives and countdowns? Is it Brandon? Whoever he is, he’s good.

Oo I couldn’t resist. ScrewAttack is yet another discovery I made this year and you guys are simply amazing. I remember the first time I saw one of the Video Game Vault or Top Ten videos featuring Stuttering Craig and Handsome Tom. The first time I saw those episodes I just laughed my ass off. Hilarious. Simply hilarious. Keep up the good work guys!

+Metal Gear-
After so many delays and trailers, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots is finally here and I’ve still haven’t played it yet :P. Yup, after all this time I still have not played MGS4 yet. Don’t blame me. Blame my work. Note to self: for new year’s resolution- play MGS4.

+Condemned 2: Bloodshot-
This game kicks ass. I love it. I enjoy every bit of it from the graphics to sounds to the fighting sequences. Everything. It’s mindblowing.. Finished it like three times.

+Wii Will Rock You with Sony-
I bought my XBOX360 last year and I was both proud and happy to finally own a nex-gen console. But if that wasn’t enough, I then got the Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 3 this year (Not at the same time :P) and immediately my nex-gen console collection is complete. Yay!

+Rock On Three Times-
Yeah, Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 are great but I’m talking about the latest albums made by Metallica, AC/DC and Guns N Roses. Having to release their respective albums around the same time is totally crazy, especially Chinese Democracy, the album which fans never thought would ever surface. The recording began since 1994 and it was delayed for many many years making the most expensive album “never made”. But now it’s here and so we can all stop the timer and rock hard!

+The Dark Kinght-
Ok, so this is not a video game moment but the movie’s so good I just had to put it in here anyway. This is the best Batman movie I’ve ever seen and I believe it’s way better than the first four Batman movies combined.. The only flaws are Batman’s weird growling voice and having someone else to Portray as Rachel, but other than that- it is absolutely mindblowing

Worst Moments:

-Itagaki’s Departure-
I can guarantee that all the nerds in the world will always have a soft spot for the Dead or Alive series and the new Ninja Gaiden franchise not just because for it’s spectacular graphics and controls but also for its bosom babes! But this year it had the fans weeping when Tomonobu Itagaki, the controversial game designer and the DOA creator, announced he was leaving Tecmo and Team Ninja a few days before Ninja Gaiden II was released and is suing the company for an unpaid bonus. Although still no new update regarding the dilemma, it’s having all of us fans worried that the DOA and the Ninja Gaiden series might not ever have any new releases but even if it did manage to resurfaced, it will never be the same without Itagaki’s input. Sigh!

As I mentioned earlier, GameSpot has never been the same again and I don’t think I have anything else to add. It’s just painful…

-Red Ring of Death-
I’m sad to admit that my XBOX360 was attacked by the Red Ring of Death a few months ago. It got me totally freaked out but I was glad that Microsoft was kind enough to have the console replaced with a new one for free. Now that’s convenient. But it’s disappointing to think that such powerful hardware would be so weak by having this unnecessary hardware failure. It’s just so lame.

-Windows Vista-
Since we’re talking Microsoft, it’s time to discuss their other biggest flaw ever in history- Microsoft Vista. When I got my new laptop in January, a friend of mine warned me to stay away from Vista for it will end your life miserably. I though he was wrong but it turned out I was wrong. Vista sucks balls! I can’t express my emotion as how terrible and horrendously bad Windows Vista is. The security system is ridiculous, the navigation is dreadful and most importantly, some of the hardware and software isn’t compatible with Vista including PC games. That was totally unacceptable for me, so I had my notebook downgraded but however it wasn’t an easy task for my Sony VAIO. Normally all you need is the Windows XP CD to reformat the computer but I need to use both the CD and a floppy drive. What the hell was that all about? So yeah, it was a nightmare but my VAIO is now running on XP. I’m so happy but I’m even more grateful when I got a new MacBook Pro as a gift this year. Never used a Mac before but I’m growing to love it. So f**k Microsoft and all hail the great Apple! I also noticed that ScrewAttack uses the Mac to edit their videos and stuff so if anyone of the staff could relay some tips for me like how to use Final Cut Pro, do send me an email ;).

-Alone In The Dark-
I’m a big fan of the survival horror genre and I knew I couldn’t let the new Alone In The Dark game pass. As it turns out, I was shocked to learn that this game is really broken, and what a shame too. Everything about it is brilliant. The music, the story, the characters, everything. But somehow Atari and Eden screwed up with the control scheme pretty bad. It’s a good example of good graphics don’t make a good game, but good controls do make a good game. Nevertheless, it’s an ambitious game and I actually did have a good time playing it. I give it 3.5/5. Minus 1 star for lousy controls and minus another 1/2 star for constant swearing.

-Duke Nukem Forever-
The name says it all. Duke Nukem is taking FOREVER to be finished. Duke Nukem Forever is like Guns N Roses’ Chinese Democracy. It’s a highly anticipated album, everyone’s psyched about it when it was first announced and…and…ok, seriously, what’s taking so long? Just release the goddamn album, man. Yeah, same thing applies for Forever. It’s yet another ambitious project but as time progress, the developers made some really stupid decisions like constantly changing its game engine. First it was the Quake II engine, then it was the Unreal Engine, followed by Doom 3 engine and it just goes on and on. Like seriously, just pick one and get on with it!

It was announced that Midway has suffered some major loss and God knows what will happen to the company in the near future. Can’t imagine if one day Midway will just vanish from the video game industry. But I guess they saw it coming too after realizing that the only product is worth something is the Mortal Kombat franchise. They can’t rely in one product. What they need to do is to expand other games like Rampage and the Suffering games. I’m still waiting for a new sequel from the Suffering.

-Wii Music-
In all my years, this is the first time I ever see a game created by the Godfather of Gaming (Shigeru Miyamoto) turn out to be a huge miss. When Wii Music was first announced many years ago, I was speechless to see a game where you can conduct an orchestra and playing an instrument without any control restrictions. It got me excited but however it turns out to be better in theory than in execution. Nice attempt though.

I’ve been waiting for a Ghostbusters sequel all my life and my prayers were answered when co-creator Dan Aykroyd announced that a sequel is on the works in a video game format. That just blew my mind. But what made me hit the ceiling when Activision decided not to release a few named games and one of them was Ghostbusters. Sob! But the good news is that Atari will now publish the game and it will be released on June 2009. Way to go Atari! It’s nice that the game’s coming out soon but to delay for another year is not cool at all.

-Heath Ledger’s Death-
Yet another non-gaming related moment but it’s still so sad to even talk about it I just had to include it in this list too. Honestly, I’ve never even heard of the actor’s existence until I saw the Dark Knight movie. I was like, “who’s acting as the Joker? This guy’s superb.” But by the time I learned the actor’s name, it was too late. Rest In Peace Heath Ledger. You were a great star.

So that concludes my Best and Worst VG Moments I Had in 2008. I know there are other good stuff that has happened too such as GTAIV, Fallout 3, etc. but hey, no two lists are the same (“…so don’t be a bitch” – Stuttering Craig) I hope you enjoy reading my list and if you want to include your own list or putting comments in here, I welcome it. Just be good, have a great holiday, enjoy your Christmas, play more games and take care.


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