Unappreciated Games That I Enjoy Playing

Video games are either hit or miss, but there are some which we tend to cater mostly on the not-so-good ones as oppose to the best selling ones. Yes, we all love games that has won numerous awards and sometimes go above the rating scale but what about those which appeared on the news for a while and it never been heard again? Here are my top ten unappreciated games that I enjoy playing:

(Not in any particular order)
01.The Club (XBOX360, PS3, PC)
When I first saw the trailer of the Club, I got real excited with the cast of characters it had and just the buildup of it. It was really cool, so I decided to give this game a try. I bought the PC version and yeah, I was really impressed. I actually had a good time playing it as I was trying my best to beat the highest score. Overall, it’s a terrific game but I was shocked to learn that the Club didn’t really hit big. Seriously, how could you not like a game about doing nothing but only killing bad guys? The game has no restriction whatsoever. It’s just about gunning down baddies and survive. What more could you ask for? Sure, the gameplay can a bit repetitive and isn’t much of storytelling but you gotta give credit for being somewhat different but unique and addictive gaming scheme. I love the Club and I don’t care what anyone says.
Average Critics Score: 7.0
My Score: 8.5

02.Men In Black: The Game (PC, PS)
Probably one of the lousiest movie-based video games ever but I actually liked the game when it first came out. The game’s plot is no where as near as the popular movie, the control sucks ass, the graphics are balls and the ending is terrible so why do I like this game? I’m not sure. If you happen to see this game anywhere, you might wanna give it a try but the end result… just keep it to yourself ok?
Average Critics Score: 3.5
My Score: 5.0

03.Batman: Dark Tomorrow (GC, XBOX)
Considered the worst video game of 2003 and I like the game. O my god. What kind of a sick gamer am I? The game’s like a game that hasn’t been finished as the controls are incredibly broken, the fighting sequence is hilariously stupid, and the background music is a total mess. It was like Kemco hired programmers who are on drugs or something so why the hell do I like this game? Well, the only that sticks out from this awful game are the cutscenes. Yeah, Dark Tomorrow does have good cutscenes and the storyline is one of the best Batman plot ever written, so in other words, I favour this game because of the storyline so sue me.
Average Critics Score: 2.8
My Score: 5.0

04.Dead Head Fred (PSP)
The most recent game in this list and honestly the game’s really not that bad. The first portion of the game may be a bit slow and the controls may feel a bit stiff but you’ll immediately get used to it. The characters are a real interesting bunch and you’ll be surprised to find a lot of swearing in the game. It’s really rad. Also, there’s a lot of contents in this game such as mini games, side quests, cutscenes and more. It’s real surprising that the developers managed to squeeze all this goodness into one UMD disc. Do not take this game for granted. It’s a really fun game.
Average Critics Score: 7.7
My Score: 8.0

05.God Hand (PS2)
It was the last game made by developers who did Okami and Viewtiful Joe and holy crap, is this game good! God Hand is absolutely the funniest and also one of the hardest game I’ve ever played in my life. The storyline is so hilarious and nothing makes any sense at all (In a good way that is). This game deserves an award for such creativity but it seems that nobody gives a crap about it. What a shame.
Average Critics Score: 7.0
My Score: 8.9

06.Insecticide (DS, PC)
Created by the ex-employees of LucasArts’ classic adventure games of the 90’s (Excluding Tim Schafer), Insecticide is a pretty fun game. Again, I applaud this game for its brilliant story-telling and cool characters and also to give credits to those who made Full Throttle, Day of The Tentacle and Grim Fandango.
Average Critics Score: 5.4
My Score: 7.5

07.Dementium: The Ward (DS)
A cross between Doom 3 and Silent Hill. Awesome game. A bit loose on the ending but a pretty solid FPS game on the DS nevertheless.
Average Critics Score: 7.4
My Score: 8.0

08.Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (PC, XBOX360, PS3)
A game so crude and dangerous that a notable staff and editor was fired from GameSpot for expressing his honest thoughts about the game. In some ways he was right about Kane & Lynch being lazy with the dialogue and plot but I think Kane & Lynch is a truly awesome game. It’s a game like no other because of the interaction between the characters and the buildup it has with the plot. The only bad thing is the ending but nevertheless, I quite like this game.
Average Critics Score: 6.4
My Score: 8.4

09.Alone In The Dark (PC, XBOX360, PS3, Wii, PS2)
I honestly don’t know what went wrong with the controls in this game. It was like the developers thought that game is too perfect that they screw up the gameplay codings just to play safe. If that was the case, they were dead wrong. Having to switch between first and third person perspective constantly is ridiculous and the fighting sequence is pretty bad. However, I highly praise this game for being ambitious.
Average Critics Score: 5.9
My Score: 7.9

And now, last but not least, the most underappreciated game which will make you cringe with fear:

10.The Army Men Series (PC, PS, PS2, GC, XBOX, GBC)
Yes, you heard me right. Army Men by 3DO. A series so broken that the company filed for bankruptcy in 2003. I did not choose one game from the series. I chose to put the whole series in this list. Army Men games were actually pretty good when it first came out for the PC but as time went on, 3DO made just too many games that I don’t think they even test any of the game thoroughly. Most of them lack proper control scheme, bad gameplay graphics and punishing difficulty. The only thing that is not broken is the storyline which I love. As a fan of toys in general, I actually enjoy learning about the Army Men universe where the green and tan nations are always at war and they come to our world to use our “sophisticated” technologies against their enemies. I thought that was brilliant. However, as good as the storyline goes, 3DO made no attempt whatsoever to make their games a fun experience. The gameplay graphics look nowhere near as good as its cutscenes and most of the tools used on their latest games were all recycled from the previous ones. You’d think that the series will improve in term of gameplay and graphics like any other games but no, 3DO didn’t do s**t to improve anything. They just add new characters, extend the storyline a little and that was it. The Nerd says it best: “What were they thinking?!”
You might be wondering by now as to why I still like this series even though I stated my reasons for hating it? Well, it’s because of its general plot and universe they created. It’s innocent and well written I might add but it’s a shame that the company were truly retarded in their work and probably didn’t know how to handle the series the right way.
Average Critics Score: Ranging between 2.0-6.9
My Score: Ranging between 6.0-7.9

So there you have it. My list of bad games that I enjoyed playing to this day. As you can see, the overall reason I like these games is because of the plot. I believe story plays an important part in the video game world and no matter if it’s been banned from the public for being such a crappy game, as long as the storyline is good, I’d go buy it. But don’t worry, I’m not that desperate as you might think I am. I truly hate ET for the Atari 2600, Superman64, Big Rigs, etc. and I will make sure that these games will never ever be in this list.

You wanna share your own favourite unappreciated games?


One response to “Unappreciated Games That I Enjoy Playing

  1. I’d say Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, but that one is only underrated on GS. The real world liked it.

    I can also say Brother in Arms DS. It has been criticized despite its awesome graphics+sounds etc.

    Imo, it is a great achievement and one of those games “for the go”.

    Dementium TW is another unappreciated creature. People seem to forget what games are about.

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