New Year, Old Games

After becoming a devoted fan of, I suddenly have the urge of playing old video games. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. Seeing the Angry Nerd reviews and ScrewAttack’s Video Game Vault makes me wanna play games that I grew up with and games that I’ve never played before. Here’s the list of the games I’m currently playing:

  • Pokemon Yellow Special Edition (GB)
  • Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (SNES)
  • Biker Mice from Mars (SNES)
  • Secret of Mana (SNES)
  • Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)
  • Psychonauts (PC)
  • Insecticide part 1 (PC)
  • Untold Legends: Brotherhood of The Blade (PSP)

So yeah, it’s a mix of old and newer ones. I actually can’t believe I’m playing my good ol’ Pokemon Yellow version once again after years of absence and despite the graphics being slightly outdated in today’s standard, Pokemon on the Game Boy is still a fun game. I made a bold decision to start Pokemon all over again to relive back my cherish memories and it’s all awesome. And Pikachu looks better than ever. Now if I can only remember when does Metapod evolves to Butterfree…

I also took the liberty of playing my all-time favourite console- the Super NES, which was collecting dust in my locked cabinet. I’m still amazed this machinery still works despite being locked away for centuries. Nintendo, you’re so amazing. The Super NES has millions of great video games in its library and I’m proud to own a few of them: Donkey Kong Country and Biker Mice from Mars. These games are absolute best. I remember playing them for hours nonstop and I shall do so again! Also, in addition to my SNES library, I have with me Secret of Mana and Battletoads which I just bought recently. I’ve never been an RPG fan but after hearing so many things about how great Secret of Mana is, I decided to give it a try and yeah, I like it. It has a great storyline which is what I always like in a video game and I’m determine to finish it and see the ending.

Speaking of ending, I’m proud to say that I successfully beat Battletoads in Battletoads, probably the most difficult video game I’ve EVER played! The game first lets you in a easy stage with easy baddies and easy boss battle then suddenly, it takes you to near impossible stages which are ridiculously hard and makes you wanna break a window (Make that two). I’m not exaggerating, it takes so much patience, determination and guts to beat the damn Dark Queen at the end of the game. Sure, you have 7 or 8 bars on your health meter but what’s the point of having one when almost all enemies and obstacles can kill you with a single touch? That’s just mean. I absolutely hate the second last stage where you ride on a bicycle-like thingy and avoid obstacles to proceed to the end of the line. Sounds easy right? But noooo… the developers had to make it even more tough by putting a rat with buzzsaw on your back that can kill you instantly. He is super fast and really shows no mercy. Seriously, I had to play this level like 200 times. I’m dead serious!!

Well, that was the end of that game. In recent events, Call of Duty 4 is fantastic and so is Psychonauts. I was quite disappointed with Insecticide because Crackpot promised to release part 2 in Summer of last year but what happened? I hope the company’s doing alright because I tried visiting their website yesterday and it has nothing in there. I can’t believe GameSpot gave a low ranking for Untold Legends because it’s a really fun game. Deja vu my ass!

Ok, that’s about it for now. Stay tune for more updates.


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