New Address, Same Inhabitant

Just to let everyone know that I, Psykhophear, have recently changed his blog name to Glimpse Studios so please take note for future reference. The previous name, Chrotokho Creative, will no longer used.  Thank you for reading.


What Time Is It? It’s Zombie Time!

Two months. Wow, has it been that long since I last posted my blog? It’s been crazy these past few weeks. It’s all about work, work and work, and guess what? I’m still working! I’m currently finishing off a big project that’s been haunting me since last year and as soon as I’m done with it, I hope I’ll be able to add more contents in my blog. Yeah, I know I said I’d put some artworks in here but due to time and work, it’ll be quite a while until I add some more stuff in here. So in the mean time, play some video games.

Aside from the abundance of work that I have, there’s nothing much to say except that during my spare time, I managed to buy some awesome games to add in to my collection, mostly old games. I seem to have a sudden interest with the House of The Dead series ever since I last saw their latest installment, Overkill. That game make me puke and laugh at the same time. It was brilliant and I love it. So to help make me understand more of the overall storyline, I bought all three previous House of The Dead (I, II and III) games for the PC version. As it turns out, the original Trilogy are pretty funny too thanks to its awful english dialogue. The controls, graphics and music are pretty decent for Arcade standards but the scripts really make me lost for words, especially part II.

It seems so unnatural and silly for every human characters in the trilogy to have no sense of fear, shock and despair. The main characters like Thomas Rogan and Agent G all say things like “What is going on here” or “What are these things” in a very calm and cool manner. I mean seriously, how could they react so calmly and act so cool at the same time? I know they’re special agents or whatever they’re supposed to be but if I were to see zombies and killer animals roaming around the city, I think I’d crap my pants and scream. Even the civilians act so peacefully as if these monsters are something they see everyday. Sigh! you gotta love Japanese gaming companies.

Other than those awful but hilarious dialogues, I had a blast playing all the House of The Dead games, and I think III is my favourite because you get to use shotguns as your primary weapon and holy cow, those shotguns can really pack quite a punch. These boomsticks are probably the most powerful shotguns ever in the video game history. They’re so amazing. Ok, I’m off to resume with my work now but before I go, I just wanna say that this blog/website will grow in time and I hope you will all be there to witness it. So for now, adios!


Happy New Year!

I only wish for a jolly good 2009 and may this coming year shall be a pleasant and not-so-stressful year for all of us. May you will also achieve your New Year’s Resolution as I will too. Happy New Year!



Greetings and salutation. The name is Psykhophear and allow me to welcome you to my blog. This is basically a site for Chrotokho Creative, an official company which I established not long ago and its purpose is to post and comment anything related with my hobbies, and those interests are video games, music, and art. I have further plans for Chrotokho (Pronounced as Crow-too-co) in the near future but as for now, this blog will act as a hobby and personal site of mine.

I can’t wait to post some cool stuff that I did or find out so until next time.