The Search for the Army Men

Believe it or not, I am actually in the midst of collecting the infamous Army Men games, the series that is known for its decline in quality in newer games. I consider myself to be a fan of Army Men because I just love the whole concept of toys duking it out using plastic weapons and utilizing “real world” items to create WMDs. The series had a a great run in the late 90s but as time went on, the developer 3DO began to make so many Army Men games in just a couple of years that it made it difficult to keep track of them.

This made the quality in each title dramatically butchered due to its rush development. As a result, these new games showcased outdated graphics and controls to the newer consoles. And because of this huge blunder, 3Do filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002. It’s a real shame that 3DO did such a terrible job with their products because Army Men had the potential to be an awesome series with memorable characters, locales and stories. If only they took their sweet time and produce new titles every two years or so like any game companies would.

So what is left for me to do? Why, collecting them of course. With the help of online stores and game shops, I am determine to find every last one of the Army Men games including their handheld ports and console ports. I decided not to buy the Sold-Out edition of the PC games but the actual retail ones that are either packaged in the old fashioned big boxes or the regular ones. Same goes with the Game Boy games where I want to buy only the ones that are still in their original packaging with manuals included. It’s not going to be easy but it’ll be worth it.

If you have any Army Men games that you would to sell, feel free to notify me. I would gladly remove them from your shelves.