Memory Stick Busted!

I recently bought a 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo from eBay and I’m really excited about it. Now I can hold many songs and videos in to my PSP. However, after playing around with it for five minutes, my Memory Stick suddenly stops working. I was able to put some media into the card but after just barely a few minutes, the PSP can’t recognize the memory stick. I thought maybe it has something to do with my portable system but when I plugged in my old 2GB Memory Stick, the PSP can read that one instead. Uh oh. Looks like my brand new memory stick is faulty. Guess I have to get a refund.

Here’s another problem. I can’t contact the seller. He did reply to my email but I couldn’t understand a word he said because of his “Engrish” (He’s from China, BTW). I then wrote to him asking to explain it the solution in more detail on how does this refund thing works and how do I get my money back. He still hasn’t replied. Crap! Looks like I’m stuck with this broken Memory Stick.


My iPhone Games Craze

I’m hooked with my iPhone these past few months playing around with all kinds of apps and stuff. It has become my new plaything at the moment (Sorry PSP). There are so many good apps available and some really bad ones but I would like to share with you first my favourite iPhone games:

10. Bejeweled 2- A straightforward puzzle game but really addictive, especially if you aim to get a higher score.

9. Enigmo- A very quirky brainteaser filled with lots of frustration and fun. Nothing punishing about this game which is a good thing. Did I mention it’s totally revolutionary?

8. Tap Tap Revenge- A Guitar Hero clone in some ways but it’s really not too shabby. I discovered a lot of new songs from Tap Tap like 3OH!3’s Don’t Trust Me, Daft Punk’s Technologic, Weezer’s We Wish You A Merry Christmas, etc.

7. Spore: Origins- It may not be as good as the PC version but having to have your microscopic creature swim around in your iPhone is just out of this world. Still haven’t finish this game though but I will get there eventually.

6. Silent Hill: The Escape- Pretty exciting game for the iPhone although it could use more stages, weapons and better storyline and replayability. At least you get to replay the game as an alien with a laser gun. Rad! Silent Hill begs for a sequel.

5. Resident Evil: Degeneration- I really like the Degeneration movie because I feel it handles its source material pretty well than the lousy Milla Jovovich trilogy. Although the game mechanics is a true RE4 clone, Degeneration on the iPhone is surprisingly good.

4. Duke Nukem 3D- The latest edition on my iPhone, Duke Nukem 3D is a real surprise to me cos I didn’t expect for the game to be made available on the iPhone. Good port but the controls could’ve been better. Definitely recommended for those who are truly disappointed with Duken Nukem Forever’s demise.

3. Metal Gear Solid Touch- A great 2D shooting game from Hideo Kojima himself. I was skeptical when the game first came out cos it didn’t really look impressive when I saw the screenshots. But after the price went down I decided to give it a try and wow, this game’s surprisingly good. Simple concept but fun like hell. Definitely not recommended if you haven’t played MGS4 on the PS3.

2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour- Tiger Woods rocks! And this game rocks too. PGA Tour is probably the only sports game I ever played and the iPhone version is not too shabby either. The Tour is a whole lot of fun if you’re the competitive type and the feeling of having Eagles and Birdies is so beautiful. The only thing I hate about this game is the two annoying commentators. Their comments are just so cruel. If only you can shut them up.

1. Wolfenstein 3D- As classic as it is, Wolfenstein 3D is still the king of FPS game. To be honest, this is my first time playing the game and it brings me such pleasure being able to play this great PC port on the go. Way to go, John Carmack!

There are other games I wish to download such as Doom, Doom: Resurrection, Tetris and more but I wanna wait a bit longer until the prices reduce, but as for Doom, it’ll have to wait some more since it’s not out yet. I have other games that I’ve downloaded and tried but I wasn’t impressed with any of them at all. There are Crash Racing, Cro Mag Rally, Pac Man, Time Crisis, Flick Fishing and Space DeadBeef. The reason I bought them is because of the iPhone ads. These games were in them and you just couldn’t help it but to download it yourself. Please don’t get these games.

With so many games coming out, I couldn’t help it but to pray that the respective developers will port the following games to the iPhone:

1. Star Wars: Dark Forces– This is the first FPS Star Wars game ever and it’s truly a great game even though it was panned as a Doom clone. LucasArts just released the Monkey Island remake on the App Store. Why not this one?

2. Day of The Tentacle– Another LucasArts game but this one’s an adventure game. A genuine SCUMM game at its finest.

3. Jones In The Fast Lane– A classic PC game in the early 90’s and it was a true family classic.

4. Ghostbusters– The developers should apply the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (The Nintendo DS version) into the iPhone. That would be awesome.

5. Batman- I just had an idea of having a 2D beat-em-up Batman game like the Adventures of Batman & Robin and Batman Returns on the Super NES or Batman and Return of The Joker on the NES, so I hope someone can come up with an iPhone version where you get to beat the living daylights out of Batman’s foes on the go. That would be wonderful.

6. Prisoner of Ice- One of my favourite Call of Cthulhu games. It was scary the first time I played it and it will most certainly do the same to you too.

iPhone is truly an amazing gadget. For those of you who aren’t sure of what games to get for your iPhone, I’d say check out the games that I listed out on my Favourite list above. But if you don’t have an iPhone, then what on earth are you waiting for? Get one now!